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Bringing value to your values

Bringing value to your values, choose Dorval AM

Our vision

Making investment choices requires in-depth analysis of and extensive insight into the economic context and the financial markets to take the right direction and stay on track.

Dorval Asset Management’s approach combines macroeconomic analysis, microeconomic assessment, considerations of valuations and market momentum. Our macroeconomists consistently monitor the latest events as they analyze the economic cycle and set the foundations for our asset allocation, singling out investment themes tailored to the environment. They support portfolio managers-analysts as they seek out strong-performing companies, while this entire process is then rounded out by an analysis of sector trends in tandem with consideration of valuations and technical analysis, thus determining our convictions to build our stock-picking process and develop our portfolio construction.

Solid and ongoing investment processes based on a conviction-driven, active portfolio management approach.

Making investment choices also means looking to the world of the future and supporting the development of meaningful, responsible and sustainable solutions.

Our conviction-led approach involves investing in the real economy – not stock-market indices – as we support and back companies as they grow, while ensuring that all stakeholders can play their part, particularly staff and suppliers. In so doing, Dorval Asset Management takes on board social challenges and sustainable development issues right across every stage in the management process.

Dorval Asset Management is a responsible investor, as we hold ourselves to the highest standards with both our clients and the companies we invest as part of our broader fiduciary duty, making your investment meaningful.

Investing with confidence with Dorval Asset Management at your side

Dorval Asset Management is a subsidiary of Natixis Investment Managers, and houses a 24-strong team of investment management professionals: we offer our clients the expertise and flexibility of an entrepreneurial-driven business, combined with the solid grounding of a leading global name.

Our product and service range has also been designed with a wealth preservation focus in mind:

Global Diversified Management

A management process based on analysis of the global macro-economy to invest in themes deemed to be promising

Flexible Management

A flexible exposure to European equities in response to market volatility

European Equity Management

A selection of growth stocks in Europe at a reasonable price

Climate Management

offers environmental equity portfolio management to drive companies’ environmental and climate transition

Wealth management

A team of four experts devoted to wealth management and private banking supports our clients and meets their requirements

Our organisation

Dorval AM: a history of people and promises kept

Dorval Asset Management's success is based on the hard work of a team of 24 highly qualified and skilled individuals supporting Louis Bert and Stéphane Furet, the strong duo of director-managers, and Jean-François Baralon, CEO. Our diverse and dynamic team embodies Dorval AM's essential values while cultivating a strong and lasting relationship with its clients.

Collective investment
Wealth management
Sales & Marketing development
General secretariat

Our experts

History and key figures

A one-of-a-kind story

First established in 1993, Dorval Asset Management is a renowned management company specialising in flexible strategies and European equities. We focus particularly on long-term performance. Our team of portfolio managers decodes the underlying trends and adapts its investment processes in order to navigate stock market cycles with confidence while preserving the capital invested.

Key dates in our history:

1993 Founding of Dorval Finance
Dorval Finance was initially a management company specialising in wealth management for individual investors.
2004 Stéphane Furet joins Dorval Finance as Chief Executive Officer
The goal was to develop the basics of an original, conviction-based management approach based on listening and seeking performance over the long term. Dorval Finance developed an asset management business and launched a range of funds designed to preserve and grow capital.
2007 Arrival of Louis Bert, a pioneer in flexible management
Louis Bert introduced the concept of flexible management at Dorval Finance with his conviction that, in today's financial world, a flexible approach is needed to provide high-quality wealth management.
2008 Dorval Finance weathers huge stock market crash
Keyword: "weather the crisis". The Dorval Convictions fund made full use of its flexibility during this period, with the level of equity investments fluctuating between 3% at the time of the Lehman collapse and 73% during the year. This wealth management approach made it possible to limit capital losses when the markets were falling steeply, in order to be in a better position to bounce back when the markets recovered in 2009. Also in 2009, Sophie Chauvellier brought her flexible international abilities to the team.
2011 On the lookout for new talents and unique expertise
Dorval Finance hired economist Gustavo Horenstein, a true strategist in the financial markets and specialist in asset allocation, and tasked Eric Frenois with developing the wealth management offer.
2013 Dorval Finance boosts analytical capabilities
Aware that a conviction-based management approach requires lucid and informed observation of economic and stock market cycles, Hervé Guez joined Mathilde Guillemot and Julien Goujon as financial analyst.
2014 Natixis Asset Management and Dorval Finance reinforce strategic partnership
After six years of fruitful collaboration, Natixis Asset Management increased its stake in Dorval Finance's capital from 25% to 50.1% on 9 September 2014. Aiming to increase assets under management from 500 million to 1 billion by 2017, Dorval Finance could then utilise Natixis Global Asset Management's global distribution platform and BPCE Group's French networks.
2016 Dorval Finance becomes Dorval Asset Management
As Dorval AM speeds up its global deployment, the Dorval Convictions and Dorval Manageurs Europe funds are referenced for marketing in various European countries. Our organisation strives for continual growth in order to offer peace of mind to our clients. A history of people and promises kept. Our values – agility, vision, lucidity and transparency – make up our DNA and help us better understand the world's complexity.
2017 Creation of a wealth management department, in addition to the discretionary investment management
May 2017 Launch of the fund Dorval Manageurs Smid Cap Euro
September 2017 The fund Dorval Flexible Monde becomes Dorval Global Convictions
December 2017 The assets under management reach 2.5 billion euros
December 31, 2017 Dorval AM recorded in 2017 a net inflow of 1.3 billion euros, such that the assets under management reached 2.5 billion euros.
January 2018 The fund Dorval Flexible Emergents becomes Dorval Emerging Market Convictions
June 2018 The assets under management reach 3 billion euros.
June 2018 Launch of Dorval Global Convictions Patrimoine and Dorval Manageurs Euro Funds
February 2019 Dorval AM signed the Montreal Carbon Pledge Initiative and the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).
In order to identify the most advanced companies engaged for the climate, and also to publish carbon reports of the European funds.
September 2019 Dorval AM has been awarded Great Place to Work® 2019
March 2020 Natixis Investment Managers increased its stake and now owns 88.7% of Dorval AM’s capital
September 2020 Dorval AM has been awarded the Best Workplaces For Women France 2020 accreditation from the Think Tank Act for Equality
December 2020 Dorval Manageurs Small Cap Euro fund obtains the French government "Relance" accreditation
December 17, 2020 Dorval AM achieves SRI accreditation for all its open-ended funds
December 31, 2021 Dorval Asset Management launches its first environmental fund, Dorval European Climate Initiative
Dorval Asset Management transforms its longstanding Dorval Manageurs Euro fund into an environmental fund, with a view to stepping up the environmental and climate transition for companies that offer real solutions to address this crucial challenge. The new Dorval European Climate Initiative fund emphasizes the company’s goals with a reference indicator aligned with the Paris Agreement.
Septembre 30, 2023 Dorval Global Convictions Patrimoine and Dorval Global Convictions become Dorval Global Conservative and Dorval Global Allocation
Key figures

A one-of-a-kind story

First established in 1993, Dorval Asset Management is a renowned management company specialising in flexible strategies and European equities. We focus particularly on long-term performance. Our team of portfolio managers decodes the underlying trends and adapts its investment processes in order to navigate stock market cycles with confidence while preserving the capital invested.

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