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Sophie Chauvellier

Portfolio Manager, Economic Research and Asset Allocation
At the service of a responsible saver, asset management supports economic cycles and societal issues

With more than 20 years’ experience in market finance, Sophie joined our team in 2008 and draws on her broad range of skills to support our clients. With her open outlook on the world and her special interest in Asia, where she has worked previously, Sophie’s listening skills and analysis capabilities – further honed by her unique career path – are put to excellent use at Dorval Asset Management.After completing a degree in Chinese and a Master’s degree in international trade, Sophie developed her love for Asia and trained in Hong Kong in 1997, where she held her first financial analysis role at a large South African bank. She then worked at Oddo et Cie in Paris for six years, before taking a broader investment approach via economic analysis and asset allocation. In 2005 she was appointed portfolio manager in the Oddo Asset Management group.During her career, Sophie met Stéphane Furet and then Louis Bert, who subsequently asked her to join the Dorval AM team in October 2008 to spearhead their flexible expertise on the international arena. Sophie leverages her experience as a financial analyst in this challenge, as she explores the connections between the economic and corporate worlds. Sophie jointly manages international strategies as well as the funds Dorval Global Convictions and Dorval Global Convictions Patrimoine with Gustavo Horenstein, who joined the company in 2011. François Xavier Chauchat later bolstered the team when he joined Dorval AM in 2016.

Sophie Chauvellier holds a master's degree in International Trade and a degree in Chinese. She started her career in 1997 in Hong Kong as buy-side Analyst in a South African bank, INVESTEC. In 2000, she joined Oddo Securities as sell-side equity Analyst and was then appointed fund of funds Portfolio manager in 2005, before joining Dorval Finance in October 2008.

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Dorval Global Conservative

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Dorval Global Allocation

An SRI labelled offering investing in promising global themes

Dorval Convictions

An SRI-labelled offering investing in French and European companies

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An SRI-labelled offering investing in French and European companies eligible for the PEA

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