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Bringing value to your values

Bringing value to your values Our SRI vision

Making investment choices requires in-depth analysis of and extensive insight into the economic context and the financial markets to take the right direction and stay on track

Dorval Asset Management’s approach combines macroeconomic analysis, microeconomic assessment, considerations of valuations and market momentum. Our macroeconomists consistently monitor the latest events as they analyze the economic cycle and set the foundations for our asset allocation, singling out investment themes tailored to the environment. They support portfolio managers-analysts as they seek out strong-performing companies, while this entire process is then rounded out by an analysis of sector trends in tandem with consideration of valuations and technical analysis, thus determining our convictions to build our stock-picking process and develop our portfolio construction.
Solid and ongoing investment processes based on a conviction-driven, active portfolio management approach.

Making investment choices also means looking to the world of the future and supporting the development of meaningful, responsible and sustainable solutions

Our conviction-led approach involves investing in the real economy – not stock-market indices – as we support and back companies as they grow, while ensuring that all stakeholders can play their part, particularly staff and suppliers. In so doing, Dorval Asset Management takes on board social challenges and sustainable development issues right across every stage in the management process.
Dorval Asset Management is a responsible investor, as we hold ourselves to the highest standards with both our clients and the companies we invest as part of our broader fiduciary duty, making your investment meaningful.

Investing with confidence with Dorval Asset Management at your side

Dorval Asset Management is a subsidiary of Natixis Investment Managers, and houses a 24-strong team of investment management professionals: we offer our clients the expertise and flexibility of an entrepreneurial-driven business, combined with the solid grounding of a leading global name.

Our product and service range has also been designed with a wealth preservation focus in mind:

  • Our Dorval Convictions range flexibly steers equity exposure in response to market volatility;
  • The Dorval Manageurs range provides a clear and simple investment process to offer exposure to French and European equities;
  • Our international equities range with Dorval Global addresses today’s dwindling bond yields;
  • Dorval European Climate Initiative offers environmental equity portfolio management to drive companies’ environmental and climate transition
  • Lastly, a team of five experts devoted to wealth management and private banking supports our clients and meets their requirements.

Our philosophy

Building the world of the future

Taking a wealth preservation approach means drawing on different solutions to complement traditional general account and sovereign bond investments. Our role is to support investors in investing in the real economy by reducing the proportion of sovereign bonds in their asset allocation, yet the paradigm change in financial investment stretches far beyond this aspect: just like the direct and indirect effects of the Covid-19 crisis and beyond the health crisis in itself, the sea change in our society is overturning the world we know and turning our sights to the future.

The financial industry and investment management more specifically have a key role to play in shaping and designing the world of tomorrow.

Here at Dorval Asset Management, we pursue an authentic, sincere, engaged and credible approach to support this change, with the full backing of all our staff and in line with Natixis Investment Managers’ pledges in this arena.