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Private banking Dorval AM

Our private banking solutions are designed to support individuals, corporates and associations, offering a customized service and guidance from experienced professionals to support them in managing their financial assets.

Here at Dorval AM, our vision of private banking and wealth management is tailored to meet your needs, as we take the time to meet you and understand your requirements, as well as your personal plans for the medium and long term.

Our portfolio managers will be your trusted partners for all matters related to your assets and finances.

Investment mandates and multi-asset selection

Comprising support, expertise, transparency and high-quality service, our multi-asset selection approach – dedicated funds, management mandates, manager-guided funds – is designed to meet the needs of our most exacting clients. Our economists, analysts, fund allocators, stock pickers, fund selectors and responsible investment specialists all work to support a clearly established investment process designed to offer a tailored management service.

Our multi-asset selection approach here at Dorval AM offers an opportunity to incorporate the best fund managers in their categories into one single portfolio, while also discovering the rising stars of the new generation of portfolio managers.

Our multi-asset selection approach offers diversification and as such may mean portfolio construction incorporating complementary and even decorrelated areas of expertise. This flexibility can mean up to 100% in equities and offers a crucial advantage by balancing and adapting portfolios in terms of asset class, geographical areas, and management themes or styles to address the environment and market cycles.

Key points:

  • Our range can invest up to 100% in open architecture investments i.e. dedicated funds and investment mandates.
  • We apply our investment processes in a stringent approach to select the most appropriate funds and best address the economic environment.
  • Financial and non-financial analysis.
  • A flexible and dynamic management approach.
  • An experienced team supported by two economists-strategists, François- Xavier Chauchat and Gustavo Horenstein.
  • Regular support as we stand by your side to help meet your needs.

Wealth management with Corinne Amar

Corinne has been advising clients for 30 years, providing an informed view of the markets. She is consistently attentive to her clients’ concerns, as she explains, suggests and determines the best allocation for each of the profiles selected.

Corinne offers personalized management of your financial assets for investments of more than one million euros. With an exceptional combination of a human-centered approach and sharp insight, she offers convincing responses to her clients’ various challenges.


Our management range draws on an active, conviction-driven approach, with open architecture of up to 100% to offer the best range of expertise according to Dorval AM.
Louis A.

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