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Corinne Amar

Wealth Management director
“Attentiveness is the main quality required to understand each investor’s individual situation and offer a tailor-made asset management solution”

Corinne has been advising clients for more than 25 years, providing an informed view of the markets. She is consistently attentive to her clients’ concerns, as she explains, analyzes and allays fears with a view to determining the best allocation for each of the profiles she meets. In 1992, Corinne joined Barclays Bank where she developed advisory management services with Barclays Asset Management. This initial experience at the forefront of wealth management led her to advise investors seeking transparency, support and guidance in managing their portfolios. Ten years later, Corinne was appointed Head of Equity Markets for private investors at Banque du Louvre, before joining Montpensier Finance in 2004, where she honed her skills in diversified investment management and asset allocation with private investors. Corinne was interested in Stéphane Furet’s and Louis Bert’s very human-driven initiative, and she joined Dorval AM in May 2016. The company’s human dimension, the idea of blending two asset management skillsets, and the trusted relationships built with clients chime with her own values, which she puts into practice on a daily basis here at Dorval AM.

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