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Bringing value to your values

An embodied & committed offer of collective management and discretionary management to give value to your values

Because asset management has a major role to play in shaping the world of tomorrow, Dorval Asset Management applies a responsible and committed investment policy to all its open-ended fund management processes, based on a proprietary model.

Investing means betting on tomorrow's world and contributing to the development of responsible, sustainable and meaningful solutions.

Collective investment

Flexible funds and equity funds

Intimately linked to our clients' interests by the very nature of our asset management business and by the nature of our wealth management and equity funds, we have chosen to combine two areas of expertise: asset allocation and stock picking.

Our asset allocation expertise can be found in our range of 'flexible' funds in Europe and internationally, not forgetting PEAs. These funds offer private and institutional investors innovative, long-term investment solutions.

Our expertise in European equity stock picking is reflected in our range of 'Manageurs' funds. The management process for these funds, which has been tried and tested for over 15 years, is based on selecting the best manager-company pairings capable of making a difference over the long term.

Finally, our expertise in environmental equity management is fully in line with the need to accelerate companies' environmental and climate change transition. The Dorval European Climate Initiative Fund ("Article 9" within the meaning of the SFDR regulations) has been awarded the SRI and Greenfin labels. Its objective is to contribute to the financing of European companies, mainly from the eurozone, whose products and/or services have a positive impact on the environment or contribute to achieving the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

    Global Diversified Management

    A management process based on analysis of the global macro-economy to invest in themes deemed to be promising

    Flexible Management

    A flexible exposure to European equities in response to market volatility

    European Equity Management

    A selection of growth stocks in Europe at a reasonable price

    Climate Management

    offers environmental equity portfolio management to drive companies’ environmental and climate transition

    Mandate management

    Dorval AM offers conviction-based active management through an open architecture offering access to the best international asset management companies (according to Dorval AM).

    The discretionary management offer :

    • a Premium offering designed to meet the expectations of clients of private banks, asset management consultants, multi-family offices and individuals
    • A wide range of tax wrappers are available: PEA, PEA-PME, securities account, life insurance contract (for France and Luxembourg) or capitalisation contract
    • private asset management from €250,000 and wealth management from €500,000, for 100% discretionary management in UCITS, and €1 million for live asset management
    • Portfolio construction and the selection of mutual funds and securities are based on a range of financial and extra-financial criteria.

      Wealth management

      Advice is an art that Corinne Amar has been practising for 30 years, providing an informed reading of the markets. An attentive listener who cares about her clients' concerns, she suggests, explains and defines an asset allocation that matches each chosen profile.

      Corinne provides personalised management of your financial assets from as little as €1 million. Her rare expertise: a well-balanced blend of human and "grey matter", which is essential if she is to provide convincing answers to her clients' various problems.

        It's not just a question of investing in renewable energies, but of decarbonising entire sectors of the economy.
        Tristan F.

        Private banking

        Our private asset management service is aimed at individuals, companies and associations who wish to benefit from a tailor-made offer and rely on experienced professionals to manage their financial assets.

        At Dorval AM, our vision of private banking and wealth management is first and foremost to meet you, to take the time to get to know you, to understand you, and to talk about your personal medium- and long-term projects.

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