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Gustavo Horenstein

Portfolio Manager, Economic Research and Asset Allocation
Analysing the world, deciding on portfolios, explaining what we do

Gustavo draws his economic insight from both the academic world and his experience of the financial markets. He brings to Dorval AM his high-quality macroeconomic analysis and his expertise in emerging markets. An economist by training, he co-manages the funds in the Global Convictions range. With a degree in Economics from Panthéon-Sorbonne University and experience of research and teaching at Dauphine, Gustavo began his career working for the Ministry of Finance during his first assignment as a seconded economist in Bangkok. In 2000, he joined Oddo et Cie's economic research department before moving to Oddo Asset Management's Asset Allocation team in 2006, where he held his first position as a fund manager.
Louis Bert and Stéphane Furet were attracted by his wealth of experience in Asia, combined with the rarity of his profile and the excellence of his academic background. In 2011, he joined Dorval AM to strengthen the team's macroeconomic expertise and co-manage the international flexible multi-asset funds alongside Sophie Chauvellier.
Constructing macroeconomic scenarios, understanding political issues and placing them in a financial context in order to make the right decisions when managing his funds - these are the tasks that mobilise Gustavo on a daily basis. Lucid, methodical and sensitive to teamwork, he above all likes to compare his opinions with those of François-Xavier Chauchat and Sophie Chauvellier - his team-mates - as well as those of the other Dorval AM managers, to establish an objective view of the world around him.

Fund management

Dorval Global Conservative

SRRI 3\* SRI labelled asset management offer aimed at the most risk averse savers

Dorval Global Allocation

An SRI labelled offering investing in promising global themes

Dorval Convictions

Une offre de gestion flexible labellisée ISR investissant dans les entreprises françaises et européennes

Dorval Convictions PEA

An SRI-labelled offering investing in French and European companies eligible for the PEA

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