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Tristan Fava

Portfolio manager – Financial analyst and Responsible Investment Coordinator
“Together, let's invest and contribute to the financing of solutions in favor of the ecological and environmental transition”

Tristan trained at Dorval AM and has taken on the team’s investment philosophy. He takes a driven and enthusiastic approach as he analyzes companies’ business models with a particular focus on their ESG behavior – Environmental, Social and Governance. Tristan relies on his meetings with various managers to relentlessly pursue greater knowledge and understanding of the world. Tristan began his career in 2016 as a financial analyst at Banque de France in Pau and then in 2017 he became a junior portfolio manager at Champeil Asset Management, where he developed equity management expertise. He obtained his Master’s in Banking, Finance and International Trade from Montesquieu University in Bordeaux in 2018, and joined our European portfolio management team in March 2018 as a financial analyst and ESG coordinator. Tristan is part of the company’s younger generation, as he supports the team with his insight into new technologies and is involved in incorporating ESG non-financial criteria as part of our broader responsible investment approach.His meetings with company leaders help him further his financial analysis process and find out more about their ESG practices. In line with Dorval AM’s pledge, he seeks out companies that display the strongest potential in sectors that fit with the trends and behavior identified by the portfolio management team, offering clients peace of mind. Since December 31, 2021, he became co-fund manager of the Dorval European Climate Initiative, an environmental fund with Stéphane Furet and Laurent Trules.

Fund management

Dorval European Climate Initiative

Investing and supporting the financing of European companies, primarily in the euro area, that offer products and/or services with a positive environmental impact or that contribute to the goals set out in the Paris Agreement

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