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Bringing value to your values

Digital use accounts for 4% of world greenhouse gas emissions each year i.e. almost twice the emissions from the civil aviation sector.

Source: Empreinte environnementale du numérique mondial 2019 (2019 World digital environmental footprint)

Digital technology is omnipresent in today’s lifestyles, and we are now realizing its growing impacts. According to The Shift Project, digital technology could account for up to 8% of greenhouse gases by 2030.

Digital technology can also lead to inequality, and we were therefore determined to improve both our environmental and social impacts when we developed our new website.

Designing a conscious and respectful experience

Streamlined experience

The Dorval AM website was designed using the 3U principle: are the site’s functionalities useful, usable and used?

Respecting our users

Dorval AM respects your privacy, particularly in our application of GDPR. The site was developed using ethical design principles with close attention paid to the impacts of the site on users and their environment.

More responsible hosting

Our hosting service Scaleway ensures that datacenters are carbon neutral. They are certified ISO 27001 and ISO 50001, and have a PUE of 1.35 TTM (as at 07/19/2022).

Energy-efficient technical platform

Our architecture ensures that pages are not generated each time a user visits our site. All pages are generated once and delivered as they stand.

Measuring to improve

We use fruggr for measurement. We decided to use fruggr software to offer you a website that fits with our environmental and social values.

We have drawn on measurements right throughout the design of our website with the agency Digital4Better to enhance its impact.

Dorval AM’s scores



This score takes into account greenhouse gas emissions, water and energy consumption generated by the site and its use.


This score takes into account accessibility, data protection and the inclusion of site users.


The sobriety score takes into account the technical, functional and design sobriety of the site.