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Warning – identity theft at Dorval Asset Management – October 12, 2022

Dorval Asset Management, a French asset manager and affiliate of Natixis Investment Managers, and one of its employees have been victims of identity theft via the use of email addresses that do not end with

This fraudulent behavior seems to have been organized from some social media and involves attempts to sell a promotional savings account.

This fraudulent contract has no legal force and shall not incur the responsibility or liability of Dorval Asset Management.

Dorval Asset Management does not engage in prospection with clients to offer investments via social media, electronic trading platforms or by phone.

If you have been contacted, we advise that you (i) refuse these propositions and do not make any payment and (ii) immediately contact the Client services department at Dorval Asset Management at the following address:

Dorval Asset Management urges all clients and prospective clients to exercise the utmost caution. Please do not respond to any investment propositions via email, phone call, on social media or via any other instant messaging service. You can also report these fraudulent practices on the French government website (in French only):