Dorval Asset Management today achieves Best Workplaces For Women 2020 accreditation

In addition to Dorval Asset Management’s Great Place to Work and Best Workplace France 2020 certifications, the company is today awarded the Best Workplaces For Women 2020 accreditation by monthly publication Marie Claire’s Think Tank Act for Equality, whose members include the Great Place to Work organization, in conjunction with the Connecting Leaders Club.


The Great Place To Work® organization takes on board two aspects when awarding this accreditation:

-  Women’s representation within the organization and in management roles;

- Women’s perception in the Trust Index© survey*on specific questions covering four themes i.e. empowerment, promotions and fairness, recognition, work-life balance.

An awards ceremony for this accreditation was held today Monday as part of the broader Equality Week running from September 28 to October 2, 2020, which aims to promote gender equality in the workplace.


A mindset born from entrepreneurial ambition and collective values

Dorval Asset Management’s Chief Executive Officer Jean-François Baralon states "the Best Workplaces For Women accreditation is true recognition of the values that are firmly rooted at the core of our corporate culture. The company’s founders Stéphane Furet and Louis Bert successfully built a group that now boasts 26 female and male professionals, who all strive towards the same entrepreneurial goal. Our company’s mindset is built first and foremost on care, trust and recognition. Engagement, entrepreneurial freedom and the quest for performance are both individual and collective drivers here at Dorval AM, regardless of gender and for the benefit of all. So against this backdrop, diversity, fairness and working time organization – to name but a few aspects – are the natural building blocks for our company.”


This recognition fits hand-in-hand with Dorval Asset Management’s responsible investor approach

Following on from its longstanding Manageurs range’s investment process, Dorval Asset Management has made corporate governance the cornerstone of its responsible investment policy, putting diversity and female representation in organizations and governance bodies at the very center of its non-financial analysis grid and its engagement and voting policies.

“The Best Workplaces For Women accreditation also attests to the clear consistency between our investment management philosophy and our day-to-day in-house practices. It reflects the strong and lasting connection we advocate between our responsible investment approach on the one hand and the corporate social responsibility policy we apply at Dorval Asset Management on the other” notes Jean-François Baralon.

This accreditation also resonates with Natixis Investment Managers’ pledge to enhance gender equality in the workplace, with its signature of the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles, established by UN Women and the UN Global Compact.


* Methodology for the Best Workplaces For Women France 2020 accreditation

The accreditation is awarded by Great Place To Work®, an organization that assesses employees’ perception and corporate practices using a unique methodology ( to create a definitive standard, the Trust Index©.

Companies must first meet the following criteria to be eligible for the Best Workplaces for Women 2020 ranking:

- Feature in the Best Workplaces France 2020 classification;
- Employ at least 33% women in the company (number of permanent and fixed-term contracts);
- Employ at least 33% women among managers (database of survey respondents, declaratory);
-  Have a positive Trust Index© score of more than 70% of participants self-reported as women and a positive response of more than 70% to the statement “staff are treated fairly regardless of their gender” for participants self-reported as women;
- Women’s results must be accurate to a 90% confidence level (+/- 6.5) while the parity index for women must be above 70%: the parity index is a series of 25 questions in the Trust Index© survey questionnaire.

Responses from the 93 eligible companies in 2020 were assessed in detail to ensure that there were no issues of harassment or sexism, etc.

Companies that met these criteria then submitted information to Great Place To Work® on their practices related to a new question – number 13 – in the Culture Audit, which specifically covers women: “Why do you think that your organization should be accredited as a great place to work for women?”.


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