Flex 50 mandate

The choice of balanced management

The Flex 50 mandate is based on balanced management between equities and fixed-income products, the objective being a long-term increase in value in exchange for a low to moderate risk of capital loss. The proportion of equities varies from 0 to 50%, according to market developments and our convictions.

It can be used in the context of a securities account, a life insurance contract or an endowment contract:

Management mandate Minimum - maximum equities Risk scale*
FLEX 50 0 - 50%
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

* 1 corresponds to a low but non-zero risk, 7 corresponds to the highest risk level. Less risk means lower potential return, on the contrary high risk means high potential return.

Key features

Share of equities

Flexible from 0 to 50%


Recommended investment horizon

More than 4 years


Investment universe

Fixed income mutual funds, equity mutual funds, european equities


For further information please contact Eric Frénois, Head of Discretionary Management.

Eric Frénois

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