Why is flexible management topical news?

In the current period where volatility is making a comeback, we believe that flexible management is an effective solution. Positioning oneself on flexible funds with an “equity-based” performance driver is the preferred strategy. 

Flexible management for better control over market movements

The current environment is characterized by a strong and synchronized economic growth on a world scale, coupled with historically low interest rates and inflation. It is a mix that is very supportive for stocks.

We closely monitor the risks which could provoke an economic slowdown and deteriorate companies’ earnings capacity: The risk of customs warfare between the United States and the rest of the world, the new Italian government, the oil price evolution amongst other things.

Our approach must be both vigilant in terms of the exposure rate and discriminating in terms of stock-picking.

Against this backdrop, investors are interested in conviction-based management and flexibility as opposed to an index-based or passive approach.

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