Sophie Chauvellier

"At the service of the saver, asset management is a rich subject at the heart of current economic developments"
Fund Manager. Economic Research and Asset Allocation

With 21 years’ experience in financial markets, Sophie joined our team in 2008 and uses all her expertise for the benefit of our clients. Open to the world and always attracted by Asia where she has worked, she now provides Dorval Asset Management with an ability to listen and analyse, reinforced by her atypical career.

After completing a degree in Chinese and a post-graduate degree in international trade, Sophie developed her passion for Asia and trained in Hong Kong in 1997 during her first financial analysis role in a large South African bank. She then worked in Paris at Oddo et Cie for six years before turning to a wider investment approach through economic analysis and asset allocation. In 2005 she was appointed a fund manager in the Oddo Asset Management group.

During her career, she met Stéphane Furet and then Louis Bert who subsequently invited her to join the Dorval AM team in October 2008 to apply their flexible expertise internationally. To successfully meet this new challenge, she uses her financial analyst experience to make the connection between the economic and corporate worlds. The arrival of her co-manager and friend Gustavo Horenstein in 2011 created this duo in charge of the funds Dorval Global Convictions and Dorval Global Convictions Patrimoine.

Dynamic and curious by nature, she implements international strategies and leads the asset allocation committee, which determines the company’s core scenario. Its objective is to determine the exposure of the flexible funds to equities and risky assets as well as the main investment themes for Dorval Asset Management funds.

Her rare know-how: her very versatile profile gives Sophie an original view and a comprehensive understanding of the major factors that drive financial markets. This is a valuable asset that enriches the investment team’s thinking.

Funds co-managers

François-Xavier Chauchat
Member of the Investment Committee. Macroeconomic framework and asset allocation.
Gustavo Horenstein
Fund Manager. Economic Research and Asset Allocation

Funds management

Recent point of view

Exposure rates of the Dorval Asset Management Range – 17th August 2018
After solid economic activity in the first half of the year, China has published July figures that fall short of expectations, with retail sales up 8.8%, industrial output growing 6%, and FAI, or fixed-asset investment, rising 5.5% (see chart 1). 

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