Pierre Chapellière

Portfolio manager – Wealth management

Pierre has honed his skills in the Dorval AM wealth management department, as he gains insight into the various management strategies rolled out in the wealth management department on a daily basis.

Pierre achieved a Master’s in Market Finance and Digital from the Financial Business School in 2019 after obtaining a degree in Management and Finance from Panthéon-Sorbonne Paris I University in 2017. Pierre is part of the company’s younger generation, as he brings his positive energy to Dorval AM, along with his open-mindedness and the determination to always go further in supporting our clients’ interests.

In October 2019, after two years on work-study placement in the team, Pierre was appointed assistant portfolio manager to work alongside Corinne Amar, Éric Frénois and Louis Abreu.

When making investment decisions, Pierre ensures that the products, services and advice are tailored to suit the individual client’s situation and are designed to fit the client’s goals and future plans.

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