Louis Bert

"Choosing the most appropriate asset allocation decision demands a keen ear, foresight, experience and courage"
Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Co-Chief Investment Officer

Louis is a flexible management pioneer and co-manages Dorval Asset Management alongside Jean-François Baralon and Stéphane Furet. He has faced the ups and downs of a number of equity market cycles throughout his career and has developed a strategy to address these unforeseen events – namely a flexible approach to asset allocation.

Louis graduated from business school Institut Supérieur du Commerce de Paris in 1986, and subsequently the Financial Analysis Training Centre (Centre de Formation à l’Analyse Financière). He began his career at Crédit Agricole Asset Management in 1987, where he became Head of Equities for France, and subsequently for Europe. In 2003 he joined the Oddo et Cie Group as Head of Equity Portfolio Management, where he was both a portfolio manager and manager. Over the course of his illustrious career, he has enhanced his equities expertise and demonstrated his asset allocation skills as he successfully navigated the subprime and euro crises and extended his knowledge of French and European companies on the markets.

Louis joined Stéphane Furet at Dorval Asset Management in 2007, as they both shared the same vision and held the joint conviction that a different management philosophy was needed. In a total break with the traditional financial industry, they developed a unique and pioneering service, combining macroeconomic and microeconomic analyses in a flexible asset management approach.

Louis is driven by the conviction that companies’ management team profiles are a crucial component in selecting stocks, and has garnered the support of a group of staff with complementary skills to build a unique management team where staff encourage each other to move forward, driven by their belief in the company’s flexible approach. Louis combines performance and assurance for the long term, and confidently co-manages the flagship Convictions and Manageurs ranges with business partner Stéphane Furet.

Louis is highly regarded by institutional clients and honored to enjoy the trust of two sovereign states. He draws on his unique combination of twin skill sets – asset allocation and stock-picking – and leverages his wealth of experience and true entrepreneurial spirit to lead Dorval Asset Management as it combines two previously opposing approaches to provide clients with a unique solutions range.

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US job creation in June was highly anticipated after the disappointing figures for May.

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