Louis Bert

"Choosing the most appropriate asset allocation decision demands a keen ear, foresight, experience and courage"
Deputy-CEO in charge of the Convictions range

Among the pioneers of flexible management, Louis manages Dorval Asset Management alongside his business partner and friend, Stéphane Furet. Repeatedly confronted with the hazards of different equity market cycles throughout his career, Louis has developed a solution for overcoming the unforeseen: a flexible approach to asset allocation.

Having graduated from the Paris Institut Supérieur du Commerce Business School in 1986, and then from the Centre de Formation à l’Analyse Financière (Financial Analysis Training Centre), Louis began his career at Crédit Agricole Asset Management in 1987, where he was appointed Head of Equities for France, and subsequently for Europe. In 2003 he joined the 'Oddo et Cie' Group as Head of Equities, where he was both a director and investment manager. During the course of his illustrious career, he has reinforced his expertise in equities and demonstrated his skills in stock selection, using his knowledge to successfully navigate the subprime and Euro crises, and has broadened his knowledge of the French and European companies that make up the markets.

In 2007, convinced of the need to develop a new management philosophy, he joined Dorval Asset Management and Stéphane Furet, with whom he shares a common vision. Together they propose a unique offer - a complete departure from the classical world of finance: reconciling macro and microeconomic data in a flexible approach to asset management, with an ever-present entrepreneurial spirit.

Convinced that a decisive quality of his work in selecting companies is related to the profile of his directors, Louis has surrounded himself with men and women possessing a range of complementary skills in order to build a unique management team driven by a healthy emulation of and appetite for the flexible approach that has been developed by the company. Reconciling performance with long-term trust, he provides a steady hand in co-managing the flagship Dorval Convictions and Dorval Manageurs funds.

His unique expertise: recognised by an institutional client base that has led to him being honoured with the trust of two sovereign states, Louis draws on his knowledge through a unique combination of the twin skills of asset allocation and stock selection. With his wealth of experience and a true entrepreneurial spirit, today he leads Dorval Asset Management, reconciling two opposing approaches in order to provide clients with a unique offer.

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