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You must firstly determine the amount of your financial wealth that you are ready to invest in a Shares vehicle, and review in detail the AMF (French Financial Markets Authority) prospectus for the Fund that you are interested in. An investment in shares is a long-term investment (recommended investment term of more than 5 years) that is risk-inherent by nature. We therefore advise against using this option to invest any funds you may need in the short-to-medium term. In order to consult the AMF prospectus, click the "AMF Prospectus" link on the pages dedicated to, respectively, the Dorval Manageurs Small Cap Euro, Dorval Manageurs Europe, Dorval Manageurs, Dorval Convictions, Dorval Convictions PEA, Dorval Global Convictions and Dorval Emerging Market Convictions funds. You can also obtain a free copy by sending a request to Dorval Asset Management, 1 rue de Gramont, 75002 Paris. Subscribers must acknowledge receipt of the AMF prospectus prior to investing. By dividing this amount by the price per share, you will obtain the number of shares to be subscribed. There is no minimum subscription amount.

Note :

Past performance is no indicator of future performance. Dorval Asset Management FCPs are equity funds, and may experience significant fluctuations in value. For further information, please consult the RISK section within the AMF brochure for each product.

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