Stéphane Furet

"Our "Governance" approach is in fact in line with the philosophy of the "Manageurs" range"
Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Co-Chief Investment Officer

Stéphane is both founder and executive, as well as portfolio manager of the longstanding Manageurs range of funds. He resolutely guides his team and Dorval Asset Management as a whole as the company attests to its rightful place in the financial world. Stéphane is conviction-driven and views the manager-company combination as a crucial factor in making informed investment decisions.

Stéphane graduated from business school ESLSCA (École Supérieure Libre des Sciences Commerciales Appliquées) in 1985 and the French Financial Analyst School (École des analystes financiers) in 1990. He spent 13 years at Oddo et Cie as an investment advisor for institutional clients, and set up Dorval Asset Management in October 2004 on the back of this extensive experience, with a view to offering company clients a conviction-led fund management approach.

Louis Bert joined the company 2007 as the two partners set the stage for a much-needed pioneering and flexible approach, offering clients a premium asset management service. The company has built up a group of staff whose approach chimes with Stéphane’s and Louis’ vision as they drive forward the company’s development.

Stéphane co-manages the flagship Convictions and Manageurs ranges with Louis Bert, drawing on his extensive insight into the companies he selects with a view to offering long-term performance, confidence and peace of mind for his clients.

Stéphane draws on his in-depth analysis of the economy and his experience in consistently seeking out the best combination of asset allocation and companies to expertly anticipate market events and make the best buy or sell decisions on the basis of companies’ earnings reports and developments in market fundamentals.

Funds management

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