Dorval Finance changes its name to Dorval Asset Management

"Developing Dorval Asset Management in accordance with the performance of the managers we select in our funds"
Stéphane Furet
Deputy-CEO in charge of the Manageurs range
Dorval Finance is changing its name and logo for the New Year. It will become Dorval Asset Management and reaffirm its identity and values. 

A new name … because the word finance (which connotes a credit institution in other countries) no longer has the same meaning it used to. Given our internationalisation, we prefer "Asset Management" which better reflects our management company's sole activity.

A new logo … – dynamic and modern in its simplicity it retains the Dorval logo's traditional blue. The different shades chosen create a more established, elegant and relaxed feel.

…light and in motion – it symbolises the requirement for flexibility and agility. The propellers recall our founding values: agility, lucidity, visibility and transparency.

At a key time in our development, and after ten years of existence, the change in company name reflects Dorval Asset Management’s new goals and resources.

Our signature "Flexibility with conviction" continues to underscore our expertise in the management company world and, particularly, among "boutiques". 

Dorval Asset Management's objective is to accelerate its development in France and internationally among wealth clients and professional investors. 

Our goal is to reach 1 billion in assets under management by 2017.

Along with the name change, Dorval Asset Management is providing its clients with a totally new website more focused on the user experience.

Stéphane Furet,
Chief Executive Officer

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