Mathilde Guillemot-Costes

"Getting to know people and companies in order to optimise investments and reveal the greatest potential"
Manager – Financial Analyst

One of the company's younger generations, Mathilde was the first analyst to be recruited for the team. Focused on management and the analysis of companies, she meets with their directors in order to gain a firm grasp of the challenges they face in their activities and their economic prospects. This alliance of micro and macroeconomic analysis places her at the heart of Dorval Asset Management's vision.

After a preparatory class in HEC (Advanced Business Studies) in Nantes in 2005, Mathilde graduated in 2008 with a double master's in Risk Management in Finance and Insurance from the Paris and Cergy-Pontoise Institut Supérieur de Commerce, after spending a year on university exchange in Taiwan. Drawing on her range of entrepreneurial experiences gained through internships and Junior Enterprise activities, today she has made the world of listed companies her area of study.

Following the arrival of Louis Bert in 2008, Mathilde joined Dorval Asset Management as an intern, and subsequently as a full-time financial analyst. Covering European companies across all sectors, she is equally at home understanding and operating on French small-cap companies or on German or Italian large-caps. This agility has also been visible in her career path, as evidenced by her appointment as co-manager of the Dorval Manageurs Small Cap Euro fund in June 2014, alongside Julien Goujon.

To perform her duties, Mathilde not only analyses companies' accounts, but also - crucially - regularly meets with their managers and visits their production sites in order to fully appreciate the challenges they are faced with and evaluate their development prospects. She researches the leaders of the future and the new professions and splits that will define areas to invest in and provide forecasts to the team. With an ear tuned to the news and the world of business, she assimilates all of the components in order to identify options in the stock market that hold the greatest potential.

Her unique expertise: because she believes that her role is about more than just an Excel spreadsheet, she relates each company to a history of real men and women, in order to make the best decisions.

Funds co-manager

Julien Goujon
Manager - Financial analyst

Funds management

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