Julien Goujon

"A technical business built on human relationships"
Manager - Financial analyst

Julien has been trained throughout his career by Dorval Asset Management and is ingrained with the management philosophy that the team has built. Alert and determined, he pays particular attention to the valuation of companies and their behaviour in the market he covers in terms of investments. He sees the human dimension as an integral part of his role and takes this aspect into account in all his decisions.

Julien acquired bond management skills through his initial experience in 2009 at Promepar Gestion, a subsidiary of BRED Banque Populaire. With a Master’s degree in financial markets from the Institute of Business Administration (IAE) in Clermont-Ferrand in 2011, he is part of this young generation that provides the team with a healthy competitive spirit, open-mindedness and free thinking.

Julien has a natural agility, and combined with the support provided by Stéphane Furet and Louis Bert, he has become a real asset for the company. It is clear that the confidence placed in him by the two managing directors of Dorval Asset Management was well founded: in January 2011, Julien was appointed buy-side financial analyst and then became co-manager with Mathilde Guillemot-Costes of the Dorval Small Cap Euro fund in 2014.

When choosing an investment, Julien works with a perfect understanding of the business he focuses on and of the differentiating factors that drive his analysis. In line with the promise Dorval Asset Management keeps, he seeks and takes advantage of the best potential of companies in the sectors that meet the criteria in terms of development and behaviour set by the management team, with a view to giving the clients peace of mind.

His rare know-how: Julien is curious and pragmatic, whilst remaining humble before the complexity of financial markets, and therefore embodies the company’s management philosophy.

Funds co-manager

Mathilde Guillemot-Costes
Manager – Financial Analyst

Funds management

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