Corinne Amar

Corinne Amar
“Attentiveness is the main quality required to understand each investor’s individual situation and offer a tailor-made asset management solution”
Wealth management director

Corinne has been involved in the art of advising clients for the past 25 years, providing an informed view of the markets. Always attentive to her clients’ concerns, she explains, analyses and allays fears in order to determine the best allocation for each of the profiles she meets.

In 1992, Corinne joined Barclays Bank where she developed advisory management services with Barclays Asset Management. This initial experience in the vanguard of wealth management led her to advise investors who expressed their needs for transparency and advice and guidance in managing their portfolios. Ten years later, at Banque du Louvre, Corinne was appointed Head of Equity Market for private investors, before joining Montpensier Finance in 2004, where she honed her skills in diversified investment management and asset allocation, still working with private investors.

Drawn by the project launched by Stéphane Furet and Louis Bert, Corinne joined Dorval AM in May 2016. The close relations, the idea of blending two skillsets, asset management and strong confidence-based relationships with clients perfectly match her values, which she puts into practice on a daily basis.

In complex markets, clouded by high volatility and information overload, Corinne draws on her broad experience to give a clear and balanced interpretation of every situation, in order to provide a long term view for each allocation.

Her rare know-how: Corinne successfully blends the human touch with intellectual capacity, creating a rare knowhow which she believes to be indispensable to providing practical solutions for each of her clients.

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